Buyers Guide to the Best Automatic Watch Winders

automatic watch winder
An Automatic Watch Winder makes the ideal gift for yourself or someone you know that cares deeply about the quality timepieces that they own.

It is one of the few things you can own today that can make a bold fashion statement as well as add class and polish to anything that you wear.

A classic watch needs to be treated properly to make sure it stays perfect and it is only natural that you want to do all that you can to protect your watch, seeing how many of the top brands you find today such as Rolex, Patek-Philippe, Cartier, Tag Heuer and others can all be significant investments for you.

This buying guide can help you to understand more about what a watch winder can do for you, what you should look for and what some of the best on the market today can offer you.

To help you decide, we have compiled reviews of what we consider to be the best automatic watch winders at affordable prices available today.

Single Watch Winder Reviews

Pateker® – Ebony Wood Finish Watch Winder
Time Tutelary – Automatic Single Watch Winder
Beco Technic – Boxy Fancy Brick Carbon Watch Winder
Wolf Designs – 270002 Heritage Module 2.1 Watch Winder
Modalo – Saturn MV3 Tresor Watch Winder

Double Watch Winder Reviews

CKB Ltd® – BURL Horizontal Watch Winder
Time Tutelary – Dual Automatic Vertical Tower Watch Winder
Excelvan – Rectangular Double Watch Winder
JQUEEN – Double Watch Winder with Japanese Mabuchi Motor
Modalo – Safe system MV3 Watch Winder

Multiple Watch Winder Reviews

JQUEEN – Automatic Wood Watch Winder (4 watches)
Excelvan – Luxury Automatic Watch Winder for 4 Watches
Topiaukstore – Xtelary Luxury Watch Winder (8 Watches)
Aevitas – Superior Quality Watch Winders (2 to 9 watches)
Aevitas – Premier Range Carbon Fibre Watch Winder (2+ Watches)
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** All Prices correct at time of publication

What is an Automatic Watch Winder?

Today’s luxury and fashion watches are primarily made to be what is known as self-winding. This differs from traditional battery watches that run on a battery inside the watch mechanism. A Self-Winding or Automatic watch relies on regular motion to keep it wound, just like the motion it gets when you wear it on your wrist for the day.

Once you take the watch off however, the winding begins to run down. If you do not wear it for a period of time there may be no power to keep the watch going and you will have to reset it. In order to keep it wound properly, a watch winder can be perfect for you.

An automatic watch winder is simply a device that is designed to hold a watch or multiple watches for you. The device then moves the watch in a circular pattern much in the same way your wrist moves all day long.

This imitation of movement is what helps to keep the weights inside the watch rotate, so that the winding mechanism engages and keeps winding the watch.

Naturally, your watch does not need to be wound all day long in order to keep it fully wound for you; in fact, it usually only needs about thirty minutes or so of winding to keep it fully wound. That is why getting an automatic watch winder with some type of timer mechanism in it can be important for you. This will help you to set the time needed for your watches so they are wound perfectly and not over wound, potentially causing damage to the sensitive mechanisms.

Why Buy an Automatic Watch Winder?

While a watch winder may not be a critical thing for you to have, there are actually a couple of reasons why a watch winder could be good for you to have.

First, it certainly will be a convenience piece for you, especially if you have more than one automatic watch that you like to wear. Many people have several watches of this nature that they like to rotate and wear with particular outfits or for particular occasions. You may go for several weeks without wanting to wear a watch that you own. Keeping it stored in a watch winder case will help to keep it ready for you when you want to wear it so you can be sure it is fully wound for the occasion.

You may also want to invest in automatic watch winders because they can be very attractive display cases for the different watches that you own. If you have several nice watches, the watch winder case not only helps you to keep them ready or protects them well, but also gives you a great place to show them off. It can fit nicely on a dresser and will look very elegant for you to help you accent your accessories.

Who Needs an Automatic Watch Winder?

The question of who actually needs a watch winder is an interesting one.

While there may not be a direct need for having a case of this nature, there are several reasons as to why you may need to have a watch winder.

First, if you are a collector of fine watches and automatic watches, a watch winder is certainly something worth investing in for yourself.

You can have a good place to store and keep your watches at the ready without having to worry about where they are.

Collectors make significant investments in the watches that they own so having proper protection for an expensive watch is a good investment.

Many automatic watches also make use of perpetual calendars as part of the watch.

This feature lets you know the day of the week and date. However, if you have an automatic watch that you do not wear that often, when it winds down it is not going to keep this information for you. This means you will have to reset the watch before you wear it.

While this might be only a minor inconvenience for you, the fact is that many of these watches can take a while to reset properly so that it may not be something you want to spend time doing.

With a watch winder, the watch will be wound for you so that everything will be set to the correct time, day and date for you when you go to wear it.

What to Look for When Buying An Automatic Watch Winder

You may be surprised to learn that there are a number of different types of automatic watch winders available on the market.

Quality and prices can vary quite a bit, with some single models just costing around £40 while some luxury cases that can hold many watches costing well above £1,000.

When you find yourself in the market for the best watch winder there are a few things that you want to look for so you can be sure you get one that is best suited for your needs.

First, you want to decide whether you want a Single Watch Winder, Double Watch Winder or a winder that can hold Multiple watches.

If you have just a single automatic watch that you wear all of the time, you may not have a real need for a watch winder other than it is easy and convenient for you. However, for serious collectors, it can be an important investment and you want to make sure you get something of good quality.

One thing you do want to be aware of is that you get the best watch winder that moves in different directions and varies movement. This will give your watches movement more like when they are actually worn and allow them to wind properly and maintain the mechanisms well.

Choose something that works well and provides you with a suitable display so that it looks elegant on your dresser or desk.

There are different types of wood that you can choose from, and some also make use of leather for a more luxurious look. More extravagant cases can include things like temperature control, extra storage drawers or synchronized time displays. The choice is yours in terms of the extra luxuries you may like for your case.

Having nice, automatic watches to wear when you want is great, but when you have several there is no way that you can wear them all on a fairly regular basis. To offset this, making the investment in a convenient case that can help you to keep them in the best condition possible and ready to wear at any time can be ideal for you. That is why it can be well worth your time to do some research so you can be sure to find the best watch winder that is suited for your needs.