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Top 5 Gifts For Men

Lorenzo Cana Luxury Tie

Finding the perfect gifts for men can often be a very tricky and time consuming process, especially if you are looking for something that extra bit special to show how much you care. According to popular belief, men are harder to buy for than women, so if you are in the situation of being stuck at a dead end while …

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What Do You Buy the Man Who Has Everything?

Loake Luxury Valet Box

Although it has gotten easier, buying gifts for men can still be problematic. And most definitely, buying gifts for the man who has everything is a tough nut to crack. An enquiry of “what would you like” usually elicits unhelpful responses like “oh, don’t bother getting me anything” or “you know what I like” or possibly the worst one, “surprise …

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Gifts for the Man About Town

Man About Town Subscription

It’s a common phrase but what is a man about town? Many would say that James Bond is the archetypal Man About Town. No he’s not, he’s a secret agent but, he is a fashionable socialite who knows all the right people and all the right places to go. He has access to the best nightclubs and dines in the …

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Best Gadgets for Men in 2018

Avantree Fast Multi Devices USB Charging Station

It seems like the simple answer to the age old question of “what gift to buy a man” doesn’t it? Answer: a gadget. There’s always the assumption that men love gadgets. That probably isn’t far from the truth but not all gadgets are created equal. There’s a difference between a novelty gadget and a useful gadget. Novelty gadgets should be …

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Lifestyle Products for the 21st Century Man


The 21st Century Man is luckier than his predecessors. He is more self-aware, more assured about what he wants and is more socially aware. We live in a digital age where social media rules and gadgets are more than just novelty items. The 21st Century Man is also interested in his health and looks, and isn’t afraid to admit he …

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5 Reasons why an Automatic Watch Winder makes an Ideal Gift

Watch Winders Gifts

An automatic watch winder is a device that any owner of a quality watch will appreciate. Mimicking the natural motion of the wrist, it prevents self-winding watches from winding down. Many of the world’s quality watches are self-winding and if not worn regularly, they wind down and need resetting. The automatic watch winder prevents this. And there’s some excellent reasons …

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