What Do You Buy the Man Who Has Everything?

Although it has gotten easier, buying gifts for men can still be problematic. And most definitely, buying gifts for the man who has everything is a tough nut to crack.

An enquiry of “what would you like” usually elicits unhelpful responses like “oh, don’t bother getting me anything” or “you know what I like” or possibly the worst one, “surprise me”.

Trying to fulfil any of those requests can be difficult (can’t find anything), embarrassing (“did you really buy me that”?) or disappointing, (“I already have one of those”!)
So, if you’ve got a guy in your life – a man who has everything – here’s few ideas you can consider the next time a gift is needed:

Shoe Care Kit

Loake Luxury Valet BoxThe debonair man knows the importance of his good shoes and that means looking after them.

Quality leather shoes need regular TLC, and that means more than just a bit of spit and polish.

With a Loake Luxury Valet Box shoe care kit, your man will have everything he needs from brushes to polishes to care treatments to keep his footwear in tip-top condition.

Stylish Razor

Bolin Webb Razor Gift SetSometimes it’s not a case of looking for something he hasn’t got, but offering a replacement that is a serious upgrade.

The Bolin Webb X1 razor is the Formula 1 of grooming products.

Sleek and superbly stylish, it looks good and will keep him looking good too.

Automatic Watch Winder

Wolf Designs 2.7 RoadsterIt would be an unusual thing indeed for the man who has everything to not count a quality watch among his accessories.

He most probably has more than one: one for everyday wear; a waterproof one for sports; and a dress watch.

This means there’s an accessory he should have – an automatic watch winder.

This nifty little gadget prevents watches from winding down resulting in the need to reset.

They are available as single winders, double and multiple. Check out our review pages to see the latest and greatest products.

Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean ToothbrushLike the razor, a toothbrush is an essential, and like the razor, why shouldn’t a man want the best?

The stylishly-futuristic Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Electric Toothbrush really fits the bill.

Dentists recommend electric brushing over manual brushing as they believe it’s a better clean.

Your man can keep his pearly whites shining with this classy little number.

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