Gifts for the Man About Town

It’s a common phrase but what is a man about town?

Many would say that James Bond is the archetypal Man About Town.

No he’s not, he’s a secret agent but, he is a fashionable socialite who knows all the right people and all the right places to go.

He has access to the best nightclubs and dines in the trendiest restaurants and he either plays golf, tennis or maybe fencing.

So when it comes to gift time, what can you buy this suave and sophisticated urban dweller?

Personalized cufflinks

Personalised Rectangular CufflinksA signature fashion item for the man about town is the smart shirt – and invariably, this smart shirt is tailored and has cuffs that require cufflinks.

And that opens up a world of gift opportunities. Personalized Cufflinks range in price from £5 to the many thousands. £5 will secure you a pair of fun, fashion cufflinks – definitely not something the man in question will appreciate.

You can find personalised cufflinks for as little as £10 if you’re happy with metal. But from thereon prices rise according to materials – especially if they’re made of precious metals and gemstones – design and brand.


Fitbit Surge Ultimate Super WatchThis is a man who wants to look as good out of his clothes as he does in them, so that means he spends time looking after his body.

The Fitbit is the must-have gadget for 2016 and will likely remain so for a long time to come.

Designed for various levels of fitness activity, the Fitbit is unobtrusive and incredibly useful.

For the person buying the gift, the main criteria is knowing which performance level best suits the intended recipient.

Magazine Subscription

Man About Town SubscriptionIt may seem cliche, but what could be more fitting than the magazine aimed specifically at the man about town?

It won’t surprise you to learn that the magazine is indeed called “Man About Town”.

Twice a year the magazine will land on the mat, bringing all the trends and news your man needs to know and wants to know.

Automatic Watch Winder

Topiaukstore Luxury Watch WinderUnless you are going to buy a statement watch to replace the one he already has, a watch is not the best idea.

Your intended gift recipient most probably has a high range timepiece, or maybe even a small collection. And because they will be luxury or high fashion brands, they are likely to be self-winding. The perfect complementing gift is therefore, an automatic watch winder.

This neat gadget is ideal for the man who has one luxury watch he wears for special occasions or for the man with a number of watches. The gadget prevents self-winding watches from winding down which results in them requiring a reset.

We have reviewed a large number of automatic watch winders so just head back on over to the product pages.

The Unlosable Umbrella

Blunt XS Metro UmbrellaBetween dashing for taxis between meetings to walking from restaurant to club, it’s inevitable that in the UK you get caught in the rain.

Umbrellas are so easily misplaced – left in the back of a taxi or on an underground seat – but not so with the Blunt XS Metro.

This compact and stylish umbrella not only looks good but can be tracked via its accompanying app.

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