Lifestyle Products for the 21st Century Man

The 21st Century Man is luckier than his predecessors. He is more self-aware, more assured about what he wants and is more socially aware.

We live in a digital age where social media rules and gadgets are more than just novelty items.

The 21st Century Man is also interested in his health and looks, and isn’t afraid to admit he moisturizes after working out!

This means when it comes to lifestyle gifts, choosing isn’t such a brain taxer as it might once have been.

Grooming Kit

Philips SERIES 5000 Grooming KitIt used to be that women were more susceptible to fashion trends but in these days where men are more conscious about their appearance, grooming is a major lifestyle factor.

From the man bun to Movember, male hair is no longer just about a decent haircut.

For the man who likes to be on trend, who likes to spend parts of the year clean shaven and others with a sharp trimmed beard, this Philips 8-in-1 mens grooming kit is perfect.

It’s waterproof, and as well as being the basic hair clipper has all the tools needed for keeping beards, stubble and body hair looking good.


Akai Professional BT500 TurntableWe’ve been through CDs and iPods and downloads but now it’s time for vinyl to make a comeback.

Everyone in the know is totally clued up that the trendiest way to hear your favourite tunes is on a turntable. Top bands like Coldplay are now releasing albums in vinyl format so you don’t have to raid the grandparents’ music collection to hear some rocking good tunes.

There’s a wide range of turntables available. We’ve picked the Akai Professional BT500 Turntable because it also has Bluetooth streaming and USB conversion.

Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung Virtual Reality HeadsetWell, they do say we’re living in the digital age. We’re closer to virtual reality than ever and now it can be experienced up close and personal with a headset.

Operating in conjunction with a smartphone, this Samsung Virtual Reality Headset immerses the wearer in a 360 degree experience for gaming and exploring.

TLC for watches

Modalo Single Watch WinderThat high end fashion brand or classic designer watch he wears or saves for special occasions needs looking after.

A self-winding watch that isn’t worn regularly winds down because the motion sensor isn’t activated by natural wrist movements. Prevent the need for resetting with an automatic watch winder.

We review the best (and not so good) automatic winders on the market, so finding the right one is made easier. Just check out our review pages for single, double and multiple automatic watch winders.

Power on the move

World Smallest 10000 mAh Portable ChargerThere are few people of the current and previous generation who now own up to not having a smartphone – most certainly your 21st Century Man has the latest model with all the must have bells and whistles.

Trouble is, the battery never lasts as long as is needed or expected and not everyone wants to or is able to carry a charger when on the move.

The problem is solved with this nifty little power pack.

It packs a punch in the size of a credit card.

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